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Also I keep reading WAY TOO FAR into little things to make ‘Simmons is the second mole’ a viable theory. I’m seeing it everywhere. In little tiny things that don’t really mean anything.

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We all jumped. Now it’s a slow drown. This is SO unpleasant

I dislike it. It’s painful. More so than I’d been expecting, even as someone who tends to fall for not-canon-friendly ships. A lot.

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smilinstar replied to your post"this is my prayer for you (or three times grant and je…"

Awww yay for fluffy cuteness and babies, adorable babies! This was so adorable. Thank you for this, just what I needed :-)

Thank you! Glad I could help. :)

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I’ve slipped so far into the pit of denial. I’m going to drown here. Probably happily.

Just gonna keep writing my happy little universe of love and babies and cute things. And pretend like canon doesn’t exist.


#STILL SCREAMING #because this was everything #EVERYTHING #melinda may walking away from her team and calling her /mom/ #who happens to be a retired secret agent #and that snark in the beginning #she may be actual adult agent melinda may but she will still say thank you to her mother thank you very much #and her mother being the first person to outwardly acknowledge may crumbling - ‘that bad huh?’ #because this is who she’s always been: brave and smart but also stubborn enough to walk miles and miles in the snow and wilderness #too stubborn to ask for help unless she really needs it #but they don’t linger on it - they get down to business like the badass agents that they are #what do you want to bet that they had a massive argument about may choosing shield over her mother’s agency #and her mom used her security clearance to vet melinda’s bosses and colleagues and mentees #has a certain fondness for maria in particular #because like melinda she’s bright and confident and takes no bullshit #things have probably been strained for years after bahrain #so when melinda calls and (finally) asks for help she comes to get her #gives her what she needs #gives her someone to trust #this is all so important to me #on a personal level: the joy luck club connection kills me #as does the fact that tsai chin also played cristina yang’s mom on grey’s #and just imagine melinda and cristina being siblings oh my gosh #aos spoilers #melinda may #mamma may

sarah doing cosima’s hand thing