coulson’s proud little smile in the promo though

looks like someone’s about to start collecting jemma simmons trading cards


jemma simmons, brightest witch of her age scitech agent shield ever saw, took advantage of the fact that hydra (actually, coulson) completely erased her identity and all of her accomplishments from the face of the earth, and used her clean slate to infiltrate hydra, a known terrorist agency that she has first hand experience with and a legitimate reason to fear, by herself because she is a goddamn hero


okay regardless of whether you believe jemma is truly hydra or not we can’t deny

jesus fuck she got hotter

Jemma Simmons - 2x03

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Okay the thing is this. I have such an incredible desire to know what the hell is up with Raina. Where did she come from? What is she doing? Who is she working for? What happened to her? Where does she get all these flower dresses?

batsonthebrain replied to your post:There was a shit ton of ‘us/we/our’ in that…

they’ve always been co-dependent but Fitz is the one who always seemed to need her more.

Agreed. I don’t think he said ‘I’ or ‘me’ once, except I think the ‘they avoid me like the plague’ thing. Ugh.

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There was a shit ton of ‘us/we/our’ in that “conversation” between Fitz and hallucination!Simmons. That was not good.